Listen, you can’t go around beating people up you disagree with.

Just because someone has a different opinion than you, doesn’t mean you have the right to punch them in the face.

Even if what they’re saying is completely abhorrent, insulting, offensive, or otherwise contrary to your values, you should not cause physical harm to someone else.

The exception is when they have attacked you first. If they do that to you, you have every right to visit the equivalent force upon them. If someone punches you, by all means, punch back. Make sure they know you don’t appreciate having your person aggressed against. But until that happens, you have no right to aggress against another individual.

This is the foundation of leading a conflict-free life. If you go through your days enacting aggression against people on a whim, or if you don’t like something about them, whether it’s their lifestyle, opinions, or the colour of their skin, you are bound to live a life of battling and poverty. Nothing productive will come of it.

Better to combat them with your own ideas, properly reasoned and researched. If your opponent’s ideas are wrong, then yours will beat them. No violence required. If you have to use force to stop your enemy from speaking, then it brings into question the validity of your ideas. You will persuade more people to your cause by fair debate.

This means greeting every single human being in your life with respect, especially for their right in person and property. Every individual owns their body. It is precious. By the grace of God, or the universe, or nature, they have been gifted their body, and it is presumptuous and wrong of you to interfere with that gift for your own ends. People’s bodily rights are sacrosanct. Realise this, and you will be a more moral person, and in all likelihood, you will live a happier life.

This is a lesson we all should have been taught when we could first understand the spoken language. It’s not always taught, but even when it is, it is important to be reminded.

The successful professional golfer always refreshes his or her memory of the basics of the game. So must the free human being of the basics of human interaction, lest we become like of the people seen on the news lately.